Do you have an adorable pooch that you're eager to show off?

This contest is for you!

Enter your dog in Milwaukee Magazine's Cutest Dog Contest by completing the form below by April 15, 2019. Once the submission period has ended, three rounds of judging will take place to determine the winner. 

Each submission is $25, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society.


The winner will be featured in the July issue of Milwaukee Magazine and will receive a Puppy Prize Package from Fromm Family Foods.

All qualified entrants who have paid the entry fee and have met all the required entry specifications during the submission period will receive a personalized digital faux Milwaukee Magazine "Cutest Dog" cover with their dog's name and image as well as a free one-year subscription to Milwaukee Magazine.

3 Rounds of Judging

Round 1: A panel of judges from Milwaukee Magazine will judge the first round, narrowing the entire field of entrants down to 50. 

Round 2: These 50 dogs will be entered into a public gallery for round two of judging where the public will decide on the top 5 "cutest" dogs based on the same judging criteria. 

Round 3: Then the panel will regroup along with an additional judge from the contest's sponsor, Central Bark Doggy Day Care for final judging where the top 5 cutest dogs will be judged on the same criteria to determine the "Cutest Dog" titleholder. 

Judging Criteria

The following criteria have been set for all three rounds of judging. Please take note of these criteria when making your submission.

A. Overall Impact. The Photo and Description’s combined visual and language impact, including without limitation the overall message intended to be conveyed by the entry. 

B. Clarity of Expression. The extent to which the Photo and Description align to communicate your dog’s uniqueness and most outstanding quality.

C. Storytelling of Description. The extent to which the Description conveys your dog’s personality and uniqueness. The description is limited to fifty (50) words. 

D. Photo Quality. The Photo should be well lit and in focus, with your dog as the focal point. The subject should be portrayed clearly and vividly.


Any questions or comments can be submitted via email to "".  


The Milwaukee   Magazine’s Cutest Dog Contest (the “Contest”) is an online contest for   Wisconsin dog owners consisting of each qualified Entrant (an “Entrant”)   submitting a qualified photograph (the “Photo”), and a qualified written   description of the photograph (the “Description”), the Entrant’s required   contact information, and a $25.00 entrance fee online.  All Entrants   will receive: (1) a free one-year subscription, or one-year extension of a   current subscription, to Milwaukee Magazine; (2) a digital faux Milwaukee   Magazine cover, delivered to Entrant as an emailed JPEG, featuring the   entry’s submitted Photo and the name that the Entrant provides for the dog;   and (3) entry of the Entrant’s qualified Photo and Description in the   Contest. The Contest has five independent parts: (1) qualified entries may be   submitted to and must be received by Milwaukee Magazine, as described below,   between March 1, 2019 and April 15, 2019 (the “Entry Period”); (2) the   qualified entries will be judged by independent judges selected by Milwaukee   Magazine (the “Judges”) based on the following criteria, as described below:   overall impact, clarity of expression, story telling of Description, and   Photo quality (the “Judging Criteria”) (the “Initial Judging Period”); (3) the   top fifty (50) entries selected by the Judges under the Judging Criteria will   be judged by the public, as described below, under the Judging Criteria (the   “Public Judging Period”); (4) the five (5) entrants selected by the   public judging will be judged by the Judges under the Judging Criteria (the   “Final Judging Period”); and (5) the entry receiving the highest scores under   the Judging Criteria during the Final Judging Period will be the verified   winner of the Contest, which Milwaukee Magazine will announce to the   public.  The winner of the Contest will receive the Puppy Prize Package   and the winner’s dog will appear in a 2019 issue of Milwaukee Magazine, each   as described below.  Entrants may enter during the Entry Period at or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to   Milwaukee Magazine, 126 N. Jefferson Street, Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202.   Limit one entry per Entrant over the entire Contest Period. Void where   prohibited. Subject to Official Rules. Official Rules available at

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